Our Mission



CAMHS is a counseling and mental health support service which seeks to work collaboratively with students and the university to support individuals who are experiencing some measure of distress in their lives. 

Our goals are to: 

  • Respond quickly and in proportion to the student's or administrator's expressed need
  • Assess the factors contributing to a student's or administrator's concerns

  • Collaborate with the student to create and implement a plan that allows for increased perspective, growth and a return to a level of functioning most likely to promote success at Harvard

FAQs about CAMHS

How do I schedule an initial consult?

Sign on to the patient portal and find a provider time slot that works with your schedule. If you want to see a specific clinician, you can schedule with them based on availability. Once you have chosen an initial consult date and time, please fill out the attached questionnaire. This gives the clinician more information about your needs so they can prepare for your visit.

Please be on time for your appointment. These appointments are brief, so you want to utilize the time you have. If you are late you will need to reschedule.

What is an initial consult?

An initial consult is a 20 minute visit with a clinician to help figure out your needs. The clinician will offer useful coping skills and will make recommendations for additional services both within or outside of CAMHS. 

What is urgent care?

In-person urgent care is available every day from 8am to 10pm. Between the hours of 10pm to 8am, please call our nurse advice line at (617)-495-5711. The RN will determine the severity of the issue, and then facilitate appropriate care, whether that is at an emergency room, providing home care advice, or facilitating a next-day, in-person visit with HUHS. Community members, including residential life staff and friends can also use the service to speak with a qualified medical professional who can offer advice and help facilitate access to HUHS between 8 am and 10 pm. 

We also reserve appointments for students each weekday to accommodate urgent concerns that arise during regular business hours–please call ahead at (617) 495-2042, or (617)-495-5711 after hours.