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Virtual Workshops & Groups

CAMHS offers a wonderful array of virtual programs for students to promote mental wellbeing every semester. Participation in one of our many online groups or workshops provides a confidential, safe and supportive space to discuss your concerns and learn coping skills with others who may have similar challenges. Any of these programs can help you change and reach personal goals, foster stress management skills, and alleviate feelings of alienation and loneliness. The number of sessions varies in frequency depending on group format. Be sure to email the group leader to express your interest and they will get back to you.

NOTE: CAMHS workshops and groups are open to Harvard undergraduate and graduate students who pay the Student Health Fee (SHF), which is required for the majority of students. If you have a question about eligibility, please call patient registration (617-495-5795).

Are you interested in joining a group?

  • If you are interested in a specific group, please email the group leader with any questions and include your student ID.
  • Be sure to check the CAMHS calendar for the most current schedule.

  • We can also customize a workshop for a Harvard undergraduate or graduate program. Contact CAMHS Community Engagement Specialist: Tara Cousineau, PhD. at

What’s the difference in group formats?

  • Psychoeducational workshops are skills-based, typically 4-8 sessions, and are voluntary to join. Most are drop-in as needed but you will get the most benefit by attending the series (for example, the Managing Emotions or CPR for Mental Wellbeing).
  • Support groups are also drop-in and require communication with the group facilitator to ensure the right fit (for example, the Recovery or Queer Support Groups).
  • Therapy groups require a referral from your CAMHS clinician and a clinical pre-screening with the group facilitator. Therapy groups typically have 6-8 members (for example, Graduate Students Support Group).
  • Check the CAMHS calendar for current listings.
  • To request a future workshop for your program, please take a look at the the types of offerings on our Groups menu, and contact the staff clinician for more information or reach out to Tara Cousineau, PhD, Marketing and Community Engagement Specialist,

Workshops & Groups Menu

Asian International Student Support Group

Want to connect with other Asian international students during your academic experience? We have space for you to talk about wrapping up the semester, transitioning to the next step, dealing with social distancing/isolation, and also sharing coping strategies and resources. 

This is a online group that typically runs over the academic year. Check the CAMHS calendar for current listings or contact the group leader for more information about a schedule.

Please contact Wenhui Yang, LMHC for more information at and to receive a Zoom invitation. 

Wenhui Yang, LMHC

Wenhui Yang


This is 4-week workshop is offered periodically and is designed to encourage and support values-based living using culturally supportive interventions and techniques based on the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Attendees will learn affirming coping skills to assist in navigating differences and difficulties. 

This workshop series is offered periodically.

Check the CAMHS calendar for current listings or contact the group leader for more information about a schedule.

CPR for Mental Wellbeing

C O U R A G E | P R E S E N C E | R E S I L I E N C E

Ever feel overwhelmed? That failure is not an option? Can’t catch a break? Or you just want some peace of mind and to enjoy student life?Learn skills to hardwire happiness, grow inner strengths, and lead from your heart. Reset your brain for optimal wellbeing with Tara Cousineau, Ph.D.

This workshop series is only offered periodically. Check calendar for current roster of programs.

Join all or one session or hop in at any time over the semester. You are more likely to experience the benefits by attending all 4 sessions. 

Check the CAMHS calendar for current listings or contact the group leader for more information about a schedule.

Tara Cousineau, Ph.D.

Tara Cousineau

Empower: Food and Body Image Workshop

Empower: Food & Body Image Workshop

Dr. Nyssa Boardman, CAMHS Psychologist, and Meg Steffey Schrier, Chief Clinical Dietitian, present this 3-part Zoom workshop. The workshop is for undergraduate and graduate Harvard students.

For more information, including the Zoom link, please email Dr. Nyssa Boardman at

Check the CAMHS calendar for current listings or contact the group leader for more information about a schedule.

Nyssa Boardman, PsyD

Nyssa Boardman

Graduate Students Group

This group provides a safe and confidential space in which to share your experience and concerns related to being a graduate student. Themes discussed include managing stress, balancing work and self-care, attending to relationships, navigating difficult conversations, getting unstuck, managing perfectionism and the internal critic, imposter syndrome, and fostering resilience. The group is intended to provide members with support, affirmation, and interpersonal learning, while also providing some skills and strategies to enhance well-being. Limited to 10 members. 

Check the CAMHS calendar for current listings. 

For more information contact Frances Turnbull, Ed.D. at

Frances Turnbull, Ed.D.

Frances Turnbull

Grieving Together

This is a process-oriented therapy group for any registered Harvard student who is grieving a loss such as a death of a parent, relative, friend, colleague, or similar type of loss. This could be a death for any reason be it a chronic condition, COVID, suicide, or any other cause. This may be a recent loss or an old loss that is affecting you at this time.  

This workshop series is offered periodically. Check the CAMHS calendar for current listings or contact the group leader for more information about a schedule.

To ask questions or register, please email Marla Allisan, JD, LICSW at  The group leaders change periodically, so be sure to check the CAMHS calendar for updates!

Marla Allisan, JD, LICSW

Marla Allison

Koru Mindfulness

Koru Mindfulness® is an evidence-based curriculum specifically designed for teaching mindfulness, meditation, and resiliency to college students and other young adults. You will learn several skills, including meditation, breathing exercises, guided imagery, the body scan, and more. Each of these skills is designed to help you manage stress and enrich your life. 

Check the CAMHS calendar for current listings at CAMHS or visit the Center for Wellness and Health Promotion for more information about a schedule with a variety of times and Koru instructors.

Click the link for schedule and registration:

CAMHS Koru Mindfulness teachers:

 Tara Cousineau, Ph.D. &  Kevin Wehmhoefer, LICSW

Tara Cousineau Kevin Wehmhoefer

Overcome Perfectionism Through Self-Compassion

What is the difference between perfectionism and striving for excellence? How much fear and anxiety is rooted in believing that you are never doing enough or not worthy enough? You are not alone. Learn how you can befriend your inner critic, build shame resilience, cultivate kinder self-talk, and resist the forces of a “rating and ranking” culture. Each week explores one of ten skills in overcoming perfectionism. 

This workshop series is offered periodically.  Check the CAMHS calendar for current listings or contact the group leader for more information about a schedule. 

Join for one session or hop in at any time. You are more likely to experience the benefits by attending all sessions. For more information, email Tara Cousineau, Ph.D.

Tara Cousineau, Ph.D.

Tara Cousineau

Student of Color Mindfulness, Healing, Self-Care Workshop Group

The Students of Color Mindfulness, Healing, and Self-Care Workshop Group is a space to build and share meditative practices and self-care techniques that foster healing for students of color. Participants will practice cognitive mindfulness-based stress reduction skills to reduce anxiety, depression, fear, worry, and panic. Given that the emphasis of the group is holistic, intentional wellness, participants will experience additional tools such as texts to digest the affirmation and promotion of self-love, joy, and positivity; tools that are rooted in countering the racial injustice narratives we experience in our everyday realities. Graduate and undergraduate students of color are welcome. 

Please contact Carmen Cruz, LICSW if you have questions.

Check the CAMHS calendar for current listings.

Carmen Cruz, LICSW

Carmen Cruz

Recovery Support Groups

The virtual Recovery Support Group offers a safe and confidential space for Harvard students to be with like-minded students seeking to gain coping strategies to help them remain substance-free.  There is no time requirement for length of abstinence, just a desire to remain free of substances. 

It is a psycho-educational support group for students offering strategies, skills, and support for successful abstinence from alcohol and other drugs to thrive and navigate the many areas of the academic, social, peer and personal campus life. It offers a space where students gain skills for sobriety, and support in navigating a self–directed learning environment, professional and career concerns, as well as thriving in personal and family life.

Check the CAMHS calendar for current listings or contact the group leader for more information about a schedule.

For more information or to schedule a group screening contact Janet Lawrence, LICSW at

Janet Lawrence, LICSW, LADC1

Janet Lawrence


This group is typically offer during the academic school year. Transcend is weekly support and psycho-education group for graduate and undergraduate students who are gender expansive, including trans*, gender nonconforming, or nonbinary. This group provides a safe and affirming space to build community and share experiences. 

Popular topics include: Coming out, name and pronoun changes, family issues, medical and nonmedical interventions, physical and mental health, dating, and finding community. 

Check the CAMHS calendar for current listings or contact the group leader for more information about a schedule:

Addie Wyman-Battalen, Ph.D.

Addie Wyman-Battalen

Women's Queer Group

This is a confidential support group open to undergraduate and graduate LGBTQ Women interested in a safe space to discuss sexuality, relationships, family, health, academics, and more. Queer and questioning Women of Color are especially encouraged to check things out. Interested students are invited to discuss the group in person.

Check the CAMHS calendar for current listings or contact the group leader for more information about a schedule.

PAWS Program

If you visit CAMHS you may notice  Sophie and Ruby in the hallways or athletic center with their clinician handlers, Nyssa Boardman and Eric Dawson. PAWS, the therapy dog program is by request at this time. Periodically, drop-in groups are offered. Limited to ten students per group. Call CAMHS for more information: 617-495-2042 

See CAMHS calendar for upcoming events.

White fluffy dog with a caption that says, "Meet Sophie"

Managing Emotions

Do you often feel that your emotions, thoughts, and actions are beyond your control? Are you looking for more effective ways to manage or reduce anxiety, sadness, anger, stress, or avoidance? This online group uses a workshop type format to introduce a variety of CBT, DBT and mindfulness skills to undergraduate and graduate students seeking to understand and change their thoughts, feelings, and actions. Each week new approaches will be introduced and practiced, including finding acceptance, increasing mindfulness, reducing negative thoughts and beliefs, understanding feelings, and changing behaviors.

This workshop series is offered periodically. Check calendar for current roster of programs.

For more information contact Rue Wilson, PhD,

Check the CAMHS calendar for current group offerings. 

Rue Wilson, Ed.D.

Rue Wilson

Relax, Relate, & Exhale (BIPOC Undergrads)

In this affinity group Black Identified Students will have space to share, take care, and express black love, black joy, black power, and positivity. It will promote a space of affirmation and courage while acknowledging the need to navigate the demands of school, the particular stress of the pandemic, and social injustice. In addition to providing navigation tools for external stressors, this group will provide resources that foster cultural sensitivity, identity and self-awareness, wellness, and self-care. Tailored to undergraduate students.

Please contact Carmen Cruz, LICSW

Check the CAMHS calendar for current group offerings. 

Carmen Cruz, LICSW

Carmen Cruz

Rooted Wings (LMA BIPOC Graduate Students)

Rooted Wings is a weekly supportive space for self identified BIPOC* at Longwood Medical Area (HMS, HSDM, HSPH, GSAS-LMA) students to build community and connection with peers. In this online space we'll process, reflect and affirm our individual and collective experiences in hopes that they remind us of the inherent value each of us brings to the Harvard community. Drop in to the weekly zoom meeting to hear from peers and learn strategies to help you navigate the unique complexities and nuances related to the lived experience of BIPOC students. You belong and your experiences matter. 

Email Stephanie Dos Santos, LICSW at with questions and your Student ID.

*BIPOC: Black, Indigenous, People of Color.

Check the CAMHS calendar for current listings or contact the group leader for more information about a schedule.