Workshops and Groups

In-House Groups & Workshops

Participation in one of our many groups or workshops provides a safe and supportive place to discuss your concerns and learn coping skills with others who may have similar challenges.

Workshops are voluntary and available for you to join. CAMHS workshops and groups are open to Harvard students only. 

Group counseling requires a referral from your CAMHS clinician and gives you the opportunity to meet other students and share problems, concerns, issues, and goals. Groups are facilitated by a therapist, have six to eight members, require a pre-group screening with one of the leaders, and vary in frequency. Group counseling can help you change and reach personal goals, and can also alleviate feelings of alienation and loneliness.

If you are interested in a specific group, you may call (617) 495-2042 to speak with the group leader or you may book a half-hour session with the leader to discuss the group and your interest in it.