Peer Counseling


Peer counseling focused on providing support on issues surrounding 

Lowell Basement E-012
Sunday - Wednesday, 8pm - 11pm


Peer counseling focused on how your race, class, citizenship status, sexuality, and any other identity affects your mental health.

Every night 8pm-12pm, Thayer basement B-01.

Room 13

General concerns peer counseling:  we counsel on any and all topics, and we are open every night of the academic year.

Every night. 7pm - 7am. Thayer Basement B-09, Harvard Yard


Peer counseling group specialized in topics of gender, sex, sexuality and relationships.

Drop in: 8pm-11pm, Thayer Basement B-04


Peer counseling on any and all relationship issues, from concerns about dating to conerns about sexual harassment or assault.

Drop-in hours: Lowell EL-15, Sun-Wed 8pm-11pm.