Student of Color Mindfulness, Healing, Self-Care Workshop Group

Welcome to the Students of Color Mindfulness, Healing and Self-Care workshop group.

The group will focus on holding space to build and share meditative practices and self-care techniques that foster healing for students of color. Participants will practice cognitive mindfulness-based stress reduction skills to reduce anxiety, depression, fear, worry, and panic. Given that the emphasize of the group is holistic, intentional wellness, participants will experience additional tools such as texts to digest the affirmation and promotion of self-love, joy and positivity; tools that are rooted in countering the racial injustice narratives we experience in our everyday realities. Graduate and undergraduate students of color are welcome. I look forward to seeing you soon! Check the CAMHS calendar for current listings or contact the group leader for more information about a schedule."



Please contact Carmen Cruz, LICSW if you have questions.