Social Justice Statement


Diverse hands high-fiving.

CAMHS Cares and is Committed to Change

The pattern and practice of systematic violence against Black and Brown people, as evidenced most recently by the violent murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Ahmaud Arbery, is inconsistent with basic human values and our values at CAMHS. We, the clinicians in CAMHS, commit ourselves, professionally and personally, to both words and actions of anti-racism in an effort to support the mental health and well- being of our students, faculty, and staff of color. We will hold space for our clients to address and treat racial trauma, systematic oppression, and the effects of enduring, active threat to the health and livelihood of all marginalized identities, and particularly Black bodies today. We will continue to condemn dehumanizing actions, engage in collective dialogue, and provide our services in a manner conducive to building unity, trust, and respect for marginalized groups through compassion, support, and solidarity. 


Addie Wyman Battalen   Alyssa Mauriello  Barbara Lewis   Carolina Gonzalez
Carmen Cruz   Darryl Lemus David Abramson  Doris Iarovici 
Ellen Kane Frances Turnbull Janet Lawrence Jim Cartreine 
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Marin Smith Marla Allisan   Melanie Northrop  Melissa Nauman
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