Same Day Appointments

Same Day Appointments are single, stand alone, 45 minute appointments students can book by  calling the front desk starting at 8:30am Monday-Friday. These are appointments for non-urgent issues a student would like to discuss with a clinician. There are a limited number of available same day appointments so we recommend you call our front desk at 617-495-2042 promptly at 8:30am. 

When to use Same Day Appointments: 

-You want help solving a problem in the moment 
-You have something on your mind you want to briefly discuss with a clinician 
-You want information around resources 
-You are not already seeing a counselor at CAMHS
-You would like to complete a Dean form

When to use Urgent Care instead:

-You are in high distress 
-You are experiencing a mental health emergency or crisis 
-You have questions or concerns about your medications 
If it is determined there is a crisis or more urgent situation at your same day appointment, you will be referred to our urgent care services.