Overcoming Procrastination

Are you…
Putting off working on papers or projects till the last minute? 
Avoiding studying? 
Spending more time on your phone than your books? 
Organizing your materials but not getting around to the work?  
Turning in lower quality work because you run out of time? 
Getting stressed out because everything is last minute? 
Putting off dealing with finances, getting exercise, or other things? 

Is this all stressing you out? 
This workshop is designed to help you overcome procrastination and get more out of school and your life. It will help you identify your reasons for procrastination, your procrastination cycle and how to change it. 
A free workbook is provided.  Check the CAMHS calendar for current listings or contact the group leader for more information about a schedule."

For more information email James Cartreine at Jcartreine@huhs.harvard.edu