International Managing Emotions

Do you often feel that your emotions, thoughts and actions are beyond your control? Are you looking for more effective ways to manager or reduce anxiety, depression, anger or stress? This workshop introduces CBT and DBT skills such as:
  •  Practicing mindfulness
  • Learning acceptance
  • Engaging in opposite action
  • Utilizing problem solving
  • Structure and Routines
  • Reducing automatic negative thoughts

Students located around the globe encouraged to participate
Join for one session or attend as many workshops as you need. Skills will be repeated throughout the semester and reviewed at the beginning of each meeting. Group discussion will focus on using the skills to increase effective coping and building resiliency. A secure Zoom link will be sent to registered students. Check the CAMHS calendar for current listings or contact the group leader for more information about a schedule."

For more information contact Dr. Rue Wilson: Please include your student ID with your email.

Frequently Asked Questions