Empower: Food and Body Workshop

Do you often feel that your emotions and thoughts about food and body are beyond your control right now?
Are you looking for more effective ways to support your relationship with food and body? 
This 4-session workshop series introduces you to food and body image skills.  
o             Week 1: Fueling Your Body 
o             Week 2: Social Media 
o             Week 3: Movement & Exercise
o             Week 4: Food and Body Talk with Friends & Family
Feel free to attend one session or as many workshops as you need.  Please join us the way it makes you feel comfortable, either anonymously or with name/video.   Check the CAMHS calendar for current listings or contact the group leader for more information about a schedule."

For more information and to receive the ZOOM link please email Meg Steffey Schrier at mschrier@huhs.harvard.edu or Dr. Nyssa Boardman at nboardman@huhs.harvard.edu, or call 617-495-2042 or 617-495-2068.