Managing Social Anxiety

Thursdays 4:30-5:45pm
October 22nd- December-3rd

Is social anxiety interfering with your happiness or success moving forward?
Do you feel down on yourself, lonely or shy? Do you feel judged?

This short-term 6-session therapy group is to help students manage anxiety about being judged in various situations—especially when it is significantly holding them back.

Consider this: Do you have anxiety…
•    Talking in Zoom meetings?
•    ...

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Men's Queer Group

Wednesdays 4-5PM
October 7th- December 9th

The Men's Queer group with Nick McQueen, LICSW, centers on connection and community for non-heterosexual male identified students at Harvard. This group is intended to foster acceptance of self and others, find and express appreciation for our queerness, and offer a sense of belonging in our community. As the leader, I hope to co-create a group with you that you look forward to and feel part of. This psychoeducational group is intended to...

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Black & SOC Existences Group

Tuesdays  6-7PM
November 3rd- November 24th
A 4-week workshop series designed to encourage and support values-based living using culturally supportive interventions and techniques based on the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Attendees will learn affirming coping skills to assist them in navigating difference and difficulty. 

For more information contact Stephanie DosSantos at

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Grieving Together

Mondays 5:30-6:30
October 5th- December 14th

This is a process-oriented therapy group for any registered Harvard student who is grieving a loss such as a death of a parent, relative, friend, colleague or similar type of loss. This could be a death for any reason be it a chronic condition, COVID, suicide or any other cause. This may be a recent loss or an old loss that is affecting you at this time.  

To ask questions or register, please email: mallisan@huhs....

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Koru Mindfulness

NOTE:  If the class registration is full, do not worry!  Another round of classes will be offered!

Thursdays 3-4:15
October 15th-November 5th

Fridays 3-4:15
September 18th - October 9th

Koru Mindfulness® is an evidence-based curriculum specifically designed for teaching mindfulness, meditation, and resiliency to college students and other young adults. You will learn several skills, including meditation, breathing exercises, guided imagery...

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Asian Women International Students Support Group

Wednesdays 5:15-6:30

Want to connect with other Asian international students during this challenging time?
We have a space you to talk about - wrapping up the semester, transitioning to the next step, dealing with social distancing/isolation and also sharing coping strategies and resources. 
This is a 4-week group that runs on every Wednesdays, through ZOOM. 

Please contact Wenhui Yang, LMHC for more information at and to receive zoom invitation. 

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Graduate Students Group

NOTE:  This group is now full. Please email Dr. Turnbull about a waitlist or future offering.  Thank you!

October 1st-December 10th

This group provides a safe and confidential space in which to share your experience and concerns related to being a graduate student.
Themes discussed include managing stress, balancing work and self-care, attending to relationships, navigating difficult conversations, getting unstuck, managing...

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Women's Queer Group

Thursdays 5-6 PM
September 17th- December 3rd

This is a confidential support group open to undergraduate and graduate LGBTQ Women interested in a safe space to discuss sexuality, relationships, family, health, academics and more.  Queer and questioning Women of Color are especially encouraged to come check things out  Interested students are invited to discuss the group in person.

Please schedule by email or phone with Marin Smith, LICSW:(

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CPR for Mental Wellbeing

C O U R A G E | P R E S E N C E | R E S I L I E N C E
Learn skills to hardwire happiness, grow inner
strengths, and lead from your heart.

4 week rotating series
Mondays 3-4:15 PM
Series 1: September 21st- October 19th
Series 2: October 26th-November 16th


Join all or one session or hop in at any time over the semester. You are more likely to experience the benefits by attending all 4 sessions. Show up & sign in, More...

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Overcome Perfectionism through Self-Compassion

Wednesdays 4-5:15PM
September 23rd- December 9th

Join or one session or hop in at any time. You are more likely to experience the benefits by attending all sessions. Show up & sign in, or call ahead: 617-495-2042 or email Tara Cousineau, PhD. What is the difference between perfectionism and striving for excellence? How much fear and anxiety is rooted in believing that you are never doing enough or not worthy enough? You are not alone. Learn how you can befriend your inner critic, build shame resilience, cultivate kinder...

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Every other Thursday 5-6PM
September 24th- December 3rd
This is a confidential support and psycho-education group for graduate and undergraduate students who identify anywhere on the transgender spectrum. This group provides a safe and affirming space to build community, share experiences, gain information, and work on social skills as related to socially transitioning. 
Popular topics include: Coming out, Name and Pronoun Changes, Family Issues, Medical and Non Medical...
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International Students Support Group

Tuesdays 5-6pm
October 6th-Decemeber 1st

The International Student Support Group is brought to you by Counseling and Mental Health Services, and provides safe space for international students to come to share their experiences and concerns, find support, and learn skills and strategies to help them manage in a time of uncertainty and change. The group will be led in a drop-in format and does not require students to commit to the entire series. Students can attend as their schedules allow.


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Coping as Student in a Virtual World

Mondays 4-5PM
September 14th- November 16th
Come to an ongoing Psycho-Ed Support group for undergraduates living on or off campus  to gain support and concrete strategies for handling the many aspects of being a student in the time of Covid, learning virtually.
Come to just listen, and / or discuss (  in a safe confidential space)   such concerns as finding  connection while being virtual , social distancing, and navigating time alone- turning it into “...
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